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noun: distractor, plural noun: distractors 釋義 n. 名詞 1. a person or thing that distracts the visual channel is capable of being a powerful distractor an incorrect option in a multiple choice question four pictures, three of which are

Urban Dictionary: Distractor

A person who continually carries on a conversation on an instant messaging program even though he/she knows you are are trying to complete an important homework assignment
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Distractor Analysis
Distractor analysis is an extension of item analysis, using techniques that are similar to item difficulty and item discrimination. In distractor analysis, however, we are no longer interested in how test takers select the correct answer, but how the distracters were able

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 · Distractor free typeface This is Distractor a new typeface I’ve designed loosely based on Bevan. The inspiration behind this font was the old letterpress styles and hand Read More 7.2k 156.2k 27 Published: April 13th 2013 Creative Fields Digital Art Typography

Large Distractor – Tibia. Fracture reduction and provisional …

 · PDF 檔案Large Distractor – Tibia Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 9 3 Attach distractor Instruments 321.170 Pin Wrench B 4.5 mm, length 120 mm 394.350 Large Distractor, complete Handling the preassembled distractor as a unit, slide the proximal holding
Hintermann Distractors
Ratcheted, double spring distractor is commonly used in foot and ankle surgery as an alternative to lamina spreaders Made of the finest German stainless steel for years of demanding use Surgical grade to provide the highest level of craftsmanship
distractorとは。意味や和訳。[名]1 集中を妨げる人[物]2 (多項式選択問題の)正解以外の選択肢し – 80萬項目以上収録,例文・コロケーションが豊富な無料英和和英辭典。

DASiamRPN閱讀筆記,Distractor-Aware Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking 簡述, 目前,Distractor-aware Siamese …

 · PDF 檔案distractor can be reliably covered with soft tissue. The Micro Zurich II product line has been designed with exactly this goal in mind. Mandibular Distraction Micro Zurich II Distractors 51-430-95-07 Micro Zurich II Distractors, end-driven The posterior plate stays in

An examination of the continuous distractor task and the “long …

 · PDF 檔案distractor type (arithmetic or word) as between-subject variables, and serial position (1-12) as the repeated measure, within subjects. (The statistical analysis will, however, as indicated later, depart from the simple application of an overall analysis of variance to
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IELTS Listening: Beware the distractor!
So a distractor often comes with an extra spin: easily confused words, or words said in an unusual way. The solution Now you know about distractors, you will at least be expecting them when they come. There is really only one way to deal with them effectively
,孿生網絡(Siamese networks)在精度和速度方面都達到了不錯的性能。但是多數是在非語義背景(即背景沒有干擾