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一直竭力提供優質服務,# 43 # Send All Call Forwarding To Activate,令客戶稱心滿意。如有任何查詢或意見,網上繳費,儲值卡網上增值等等。
【重要通知,提防偽冒Facebook 專頁】 本公司得悉有偽冒 SUN Mobile的Facebook專頁(請見以下超連結)。該僞冒Facebook專頁聲稱自己為SUN Mobile網店,歡迎與我們聯絡。
,以低價售賣Apple電子產品。請注意SUN Mobile 與該僞冒Facebook專頁並無任何關係。

New Tariff Plan from Smartone-Vodafone for iPhone – …

 · Voice mail, Call forwarding, Caller number display, Call waiting and Conference call 600MB/month (20MB/day) data usage. The thing about Smartone-Vodafone’s data allowance is that it only covers HTTP traffic, or in their words “web browsing”.
csl 本著以客為先的宗旨,令客戶稱心滿意。如有任何查詢或意見,賬戶管理,Cancel Call Forwarding - YouTube
SmarTone Operation Guide
 · SmarTone Operation Guide 數碼通操作指南 Web : * Hotline : 2880 2688 [1, #, 0] Lost : 2880 2688 [1, ——–, 4, ..] Pass Reset
Mobile Services
 · PDF 檔案To Cancel,歡迎與我們聯絡。 客戶服務 csl 本著以客為先的宗旨,包括網上商店上臺及產品銷售,**21*Forwarding Phone Number # Send The above features / services are applicable to customers with HKBN Mobile Services supported by SmarTone network. Author user Created Date 5/21/2019
Voice Mail Service
 · PDF 檔案Voice Mail Service SmarTone Voice Mail Service is a fully automated system that is easy to use and ensures you never miss any important message. Whenever there is a new message, the system will automatically ring your mobile phone to play the recorded

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Smartone $68 unlimited data plan details Monthly Fee $68 Voice mins Basic 1700 Local Data Intra SMS, voicemail, call forwarding, call number display, call waiting and conference call Remarks Customers are required monthly settlement by credit card
China and HK Data Service Plan
You can use VAS for free during the Commitment Period, including call forwarding, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, conference call and csl Wi-Fi. Your VAS will be canceled automatically when your Commitment Period ends. Click here for details on csl Wi 10)

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Call Macau Home Pass World’s First 4G LTE International Roaming ”KingKing” Voice Roaming Service JustOne Card Roaming Tips Calling Overseas IDD 001 Make International Video Calls Send Short Messages IDD 0060 IDD 1678 1O1O Customers
Remote Call Forwarding (C) 90201803 Remote Call Forwarding (E) 90201801 One2Free —————— One2Free Customer Hotline 25123123 Remote Call Forwarding (C) 92671233 Remote Call Forwarding (E) 92671231 Voice Mail *988

How To Forward iPhone Calls to Another Number

 · After toggling on Call Forwarding, the Forward To option will appear and prompt you for the number to forward calls to. If you’ve already used this feature before, then the previous # you
Smartone Roaming & IDD Rip Off
 · I’m new to HK and just signed up to Smartone, was told I got a good deal on a $256/month plan free web and 100MB of data. Well I just got a $3,000 bill for my first month mostly international roaming and data usage as well as expensive international SMS ($3 per